Week 4 & 5

Week 4 ~ Septemeber 12, 2007

Techincally week 5, but I was gone last week.  Anyways…

The work situation must be stressing me out (once that dust settles, it’ll be another blog entry) as I had some energy to burn…  Instead of my usual 3.33 miles I actually rode 4 YIPEE!!!  My average speed was 11-12 mph rather than 10 mph. 

Time go go back to work.  btw: we are having a food day…

PS…  While riding on the bike today, I watched Seven Brides for Seven Brothers instead of a TV show.  The 20 minutes flew by!!!


Week 5 ~ September 20, 2007

Here it is week 5.  I’m still exercising. 

Tuesday I rode 4 miles on the stationary bike, watching Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and like the week before, I averaged 11-12 mph.   Yeah me!!

Today I did the Cardio 15 minute workout from McDonalds.  I’ve discovered that this brings out the jiggly in some of my areas.  Not cool!!  Oh well, something to work on.

So now I have the Core and Cardio DVD.  I’m still trying to win the Yoga and Strength DVD from e-bay.  No luck yet.  I’m hoping to get all of them so that when I need a break from work, I can pop in a DVD and do it! 

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