Week 3

Week 3 ~ August 28, 2007

Yeah!!!  I’m still sticking with it.  Today, I rode 3 .33 miles in 20 minutes, a steady 10 MPH.

Next week, no bike riding.  I’ll be gone, but hopefully I’ll be doing lots of walking.

Ok, I’ve gotta go.  Time to de-stink and go back to work!!


Week 3 appended ~ August 30, 2007

Today at lunch I did one of those 15 minute workout’s from McDonald’s.  Yes, McD’s had a free 15 minute workout when they were introducing the premium salads about a year and a half ago.  For the first time, I used mine!!

It is the core (abs mostly) and I took it easy.  We’ll see how my abs feel later today or tomorrow and if they aren’t hurting, I’ll soup it up next time!  It is a toned down version of pilates. 

Before I did yoga, I did pilates.  It was good.  Doing it weekly, I felt myself getting stronger.  I miss having the time (and money) to go weekly to either pilates or yoga.  Hopefully after I get back from vacation, I will add another day of exercise.  If I can talk the Hubby into it, we’ll get a family membership at the gym and I can add something else to my routine.  Either walking on the treadmill or whatever. 

Time will tell…

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1 Response to Week 3

  1. shadesofpink says:

    I love Yoga and Pilates. My realtor took my favorite Pilates DVD! She said she was going to copy it and give it back the next day…that was months ago. Looks like you’re doing quite will with your workout so far.

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